Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome to the Wasteland

This is the first post of my blog devoted to post-apocalypse (PA) wargaming. I'm a novice at playing wargames and painting miniatures, but as a goal for 2012 I intend to paint one small (roughly six to ten miniatures) force per month; put together a gaming table set in a ruined city; and try to recruit some opponents! I also plan to add vehicles to the mix, as time permits. The rules I plan to use are likely DiceHead's Wastelands 3: Meltdown, modified for 28mm gaming, but Ramshackle Games' Nuclear Renaissance or other rules are also possible.

After I have four or so forces for PA gaming, I also plan to get some detachments painted for Darkson Designs Alternate Events: World War II (AE-WWII) game.

I got my first faction, the Church of the Purifying Flame (also known more generally as "the Purifiers" and more accurately as "the Pyros") partially painted over the holidays. The Church was formed by a (pick one of "visionary" or "delusional") slave who, inspired by his god, lead an uprising that freed many slave warriors. Some of the more "devout" warriors became his disciples, and continue to follow his commands. The Purifiers have a particular hatred of mutants and cyborgs, but punish any who are impure, as defined by their leader. Few are genuinely religious, but enjoy the power they wield. The force controls an old oil derrick, which gives them the fuel they need to employ the faction's weapon of choice, the flamethrower.

I used Urban Mammoth Gladiator figures for this group. Here are a couple of photos of the miniatures in a partially painted state:

I have 30 days left in which to finish painting them, and base them. Criticism is welcome, but keep in mind I'm learning as I go with this. The blog will also continue to evolve as I have time, I've thrown together this initial post and the blog itself in about thirty minutes time (and it probably shows). I intend to put up links to the sources of miniatures I'm using, gaming fora, and other sites of interest.

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