Sunday, 29 January 2012

New minis received

So, another week has gone by without progress on my minis. Between responsibilities at work, as a new dad, and my other resolution (to run 2012 km in 2012), time for painting has been limited. It's looking like my first little faction will not be completed in January - I was hoping to do some work today, but the unexpected breakdown of our washing machine is sending me on an errand to a friends to wash our supply of cloth diapers.

I did receive some miniatures this week. I ordered a couple of blisters off of an ebay seller at the end of December, and thanks to living in the sub-Arctic, it only took about three and a half weeks to get here. Yay!

My order consisted of:
Reaper Miniatures Garvin Markus, Nova Corp Hero and RAFM USX Modern Day Heroes Cultists . Garvin Markus is to go with the other five Reaper Nova Corp models I already have, to form the core of my Bunker faction in Wasteland 3: Meltdown terms, or for those more familiar with Fallout, a Brotherhood of Steel analogue. It's a little too bad that Brother Vinni had not put his Nuclear Sandlot figures up for sale until after I had ordered the bulk of the Nova Corp models, but I kind of like the Reaper models anyway, and they ended up being a lot cheaper.

The Cultists are my first RAFM miniatures, and they seem all right. I was a little concerned by the touted "32mm" scale of them, but having seem them in person, they're not bad. They compare quite reasonably to the Reaper models, and are a bit on the large side compared to my Darkson Design miniatures, but not outside the range of human size and shape. I figure these can be bodyguards for the leader of my cultists faction. I plan to order some Feral Cultists from Black Cat Bases to fill out the rest of the cultists.

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